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Fall Must Haves

Hey dolls!
I am so excited about this fall because a new chapter of my life begins : I am starting university.I am so excited to meet new people but I am also a little scared because I don't know that future will bring.
I love fall because of its color scheme.I love the earthy tones. On this post I will show you what my must haves are for the fall time and I hope you will find this helpul when you are shopping.

Fist of all -and the most important in my opinion- is a trench coat. If you invest in a really good one you can use it for many years because I don't think they will ever go out of style. You can find an affordable one at H&M and they are super cute( I got mine two years ago from them)
*photo source hm.com*

A good pair of jeans is also a must. For the fall I like dark washed jeans. They are very versatile,you can dress them down with a T-shirt and a pair of Converse or you can dress them up with a cute top. 

This fall the peplum top is really in style and I love it! This kind of top is very flattering is you are a pear shape and also they are so cute! I would style it with a big necklace and hills. I got mine at Stradivarius.

*photo souce asos.com*

For this season I love scarves. Animal print,floral print they are always a must because they keep you warm and they can totally make an outfit. I saw some good deals at H&M.

A big trend this fall is the burgundy color. In stores you can find nice tops or bottoms in this beautiful color or you can use it when you are doing your makeup.

Oversized cardigans are always a good ideea but the most important thing is to wear the clothes that you think you look good dressed with.

As for shoes I like oxford shoes.Also.if you live in a rainy place you can add a pair of rain boots.

                                                         * photo source ebay.co.uk*

I hope you will find this post helpful and tell me what are your must haves for fall.

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