marți, 21 august 2012

My Travel Make-up Bag

I am at the sea side right now and I was thinking about making this post because it can be helpful for some of   you. As you will probably tell I don't take a lot of make-up with me, just the basic things. I hope you enjoy this post and tell me in the comments section what do you carry with you when you are travelling.

First of all, I always carry out with me foundation or BB cream or in this case both of them.Because I hate having a cakey face at the seaside I took a foundation with light coverage and the BB cream for the beach.
*Garnier BBcream & Rimmel Stay Matte*

I also need a face powder to set the foundation/BBcream because I have oily face and the powder helps me a little bit. Moreover, a bronzer is a must for the summer time.

*Too Faced bronzer & Rimmel Stay Matte powder*

For my eyes I took the Oh So Special palette from Sleek. I love it! The colors are so beautiful and you can make a lot of looks with it. I also took a mascara and an eyeliner.
                                                                    *Oh so special by Sleek*
                                                        *Master Precise by Meybellin & Loreal Volumissime*

 As for my lips I took a pink lipstick for a pop of color and a nude lipgloss. I also took a lipbalm.
                                                  *NYX Natural Gloss,Maybellin JucyBubbles&Nivea lipbalm*
And last but not least some brushes.

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